What was the air quality in 2009? What is the growth in population? Where can you see publicly-funded art in the centre of the city? Data to answer many, many questions like these is out there on the Internet somewhere - but it is not always easy to find.

OpenNorth is our, the municipality of Skelleftea, the municipality of Umea, Lulea technical university and Umea university's, catalogue of useful sets of data on the Internet. You can collect links here to data from around the web for yourself and others to use, or search for data that others have collected. Depending on the type of data (and its conditions of use), OpenNorth may also be able to store a copy of the data or host it in a database, and provide some basic visualisation tools.

Use the data and the power of ITC an create something that improves the life of the citizens! Commercial or non-commercial services or products does not matter.

Suggestions or ideas regarding what data we should provide or how the site should work? Please mail us on admin.openumea@umea.se You can write in swedish or english.